Nowadays, there is a lot of hype surrounding the use of beauty blenders as a substitute to make-up brushes and other make-up applicators. Beauty blenders are specially designed sponges which help in make-up application. They can be used to apply and blend foundations, creams, concealers, etc. They give an air brushed and natural finish to the face. But because it is a new product people are unaware of how to use, clean and store it. Here is a guide.

How to use a beauty blender?

Beauty blenders need to be first soaked in lukewarm water until they absorb water completely from the inside.

Then they should be squeezed gently so as to remove all the water till the sponge is just damp. A lot of people make the mistake of using dry beauty blenders.  The whole idea behind wetting the blender is to make sure the make-up that you use it for, be it foundation; concealer or cream adheres to the sponge and eases the application procedure.

While using the blender on your face you need to just dab and not drag it along your skin.

Variably shaped and sized blenders are available which cater to different areas of your face. Like, for example, you will need a smaller blender with a pointed end for the inner corners of your eyes while a bigger blender for your cheeks would fit the bill.

How to clean a beauty blender?

After you are done using a blender, soak the blender in warm water. Then, add sufficient amount of blender cleaning liquid and massage it onto the stained areas of the blender. Then rinse in warm water and squeeze out all the water. They need to be air dried before storage.

How to store a beauty blender?

They should be stored in airy and spacious bags or containers. Make sure they’re not stuffed because that might alter their shape and cause damage to the texture of the sponge. Some beauty blenders come with holders also. You may place them in their holders for optimal storage. Holders will make sure the base of the blenders does not remain damp.


Happy blending!