A majority of girls yearn for thick and voluminous eyelashes. Thick eyelashes give a dramatic look to eyes. They give an impression of bigger and wider eyes. Also, one doesn’t have to struggle with the hassle of putting on false eyelashes or falsies.

A lot of mascaras are available in the market but many times they fail to live up to our expectations, plus they’re expensive. So if you’ve already invested in high end expensive mascara that is not delivering the desired result, here’s a make-up hack that can make your eyelashes look extremely thick and voluminous using the same mascara.

This hack is extremely easy and can do wonders to your eyelashes even with the worst of mascaras. Read on to know how.

Step 1: Ensure that your eyelashes are squeaky clean.

Step 2: Apply one coat of mascara with a light hand to your eyelashes.

Step 3: Dab a little bit of talc or loose powder on your lashes with a Q-tip or your fingers. Even compact powder would do.

Step 4: Wait for the mascara to dry partially.

Step 5: Now apply a second coat of mascara with forceful strokes on your eyelashes so as to separate the eyelashes and avoid clumping. Make sure that the whiteness of the powder is covered.

Step 6: Let the mascara dry.

And you’re done! Your eyelashes would look thicker and more voluminous than they would look with just the mascara.

How does it work?

When powder is dabbed onto the first coat of wet mascara, it adheres onto the eyelashes and a powdered coating is formed over the lashes. Then when a second coat of mascara is applied, the mascara gets coated over the powdered layer thereby giving the impression of thick eyelashes.


  • Make sure powder does not end up on your waterline or in your eyes otherwise it may sting or irritate the eyes.
  • Clean your eyelashes with baby oil or water thoroughly once you’re done for the occasion.
  • It is recommended to use baby powder instead of normal talc or loose powder as it is deemed safer.