Rose water has been used for ages for its zillion benefits. It is a natural astringent and moisturizer. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties. It slows down ageing process of the skin. It is used in perfumes for its sweet aroma. It also helps to get rid of dandruff and dry flakes. Thereby, it can be safely called a natural Holy Grail substance for skin and hair.

Rose water available in markets has glycerin, chemicals and preservatives as a part of its formulation. Artificial preservatives and chemicals might do more harm than good to the skin. So, commercially available rose water is not that ‘natural’ after all. Plus, it is a little expensive also.

So, to solve the above problems, we can make 100% pure and natural rose water at home. The procedure is as simple as making tea and the ingredients are easily available in your backyard.

Step 1: Take a cup full of fresh rose petals. Discard the stem and leaves.

Step 2: Put the petals in a deep pan or boiling pot and pour 2 cups of filtered water in it.

Step 3: Bring the water to boil and then put it on simmer so that the water boils gently.

Step 4: Cover the lid of the boiling pan partially.

Step 5: Let it boil till the color of rose petals fades away.

Step 6: Now strain the mixture to separate out the rose petals and collect rose water in a separate container.

Step 7: Discard the rose petals and let the water cool.

Step 8: You may now pour this water into a spray bottle or any empty bottle as per your convenience.

Bingo! Your DIY, budget friendly, 100% natural rose water is ready to be used.

Note: Make sure you use petals from original pink roses which smell strongly and not hybrid ones. You may refrigerate it for repeated use. Make sure not to contaminate it.

Use: You may use it in multiple ways for your skin and hair as per your requirement. You may also use it as a perfume or air freshener.