The latest type of kohl or kajal to hit the market is the white colored kohl. The whole prospect of using white kohl might seem weird to people but one can use it to make their eyes look bigger and wider.

This is magical product for people who love to experiment with eye make-up but are unable to do so due to small eyes. Also, white kohl would bring a lot of attention and focus to the eyes because it is a rather unconventional color to be used as kohl. It can make your eyes look dramatic. Here are a few methods to use white kohl to make eyes look bigger and wider.

Method 1

Apply white kohl on water line of the eyes. Make multiple strokes to build up the intensity and thickness of kohl as per your requirement.

Method 2

Firstly line the water line with white kohl and then trace the white line with black kohl or black eye liner from below. This would give the impression of a wider and bigger sclera (white area of eye) as the white kohl would look like extended sclera.

Method 3

Apply black eye liner (winged or non-winged) along your lash line over your eye lids. Then drag white kohl over the black eye liner neatly so as not to smudge the eye liner. This would add a lot of drama to your eyes apart from making them look bigger and wider.

Method 4

This method is to be followed when you want to achieve an overtly dramatic look. For this, first follow the procedure mentioned in Method 2. Then draw another line below the black line with white kohl. Make sure the tips of kohl are pointed so as to draw very fine lines. Do not draw thick lines or you would end up looking like a panda!

All the methods mentioned above give the illusion of bigger and wider eyes when used individually.

Note: You may replace black kohl or eye liner mentioned in the above methods with colored kohl or eye liners as per your choice and requirement.


  • White kohl makes your eyes pop out. It is useful when the make-up look demands bigger and wider eyes.
  • You need not invest in falsies or false eye-lashes to make your eyes look bigger.
  • The methods mentioned above are easier than putting on false eye-lashes.
  • White kohl adds a lot of drama and focus to your eyes.

On and all, white kohl is a Holy Grail product for people with small eyes.