Eye liners are those magical products that have the ability to alter the shape of eyes with minimal effort.

But it is extremely necessary to get rid of eye liner before retiring to bed because it contains a horde of chemicals which might harm the eyes if they seep into it during sleep. It might also irritate the skin where it is applied, if left overnight. Removing eye liner is a tedious job because if not done the right way you might end up causing more harm than good to your eyes because the area around one’s eyes is very delicate.

A lot of make-up removers are available in the market but they’re a tad too expensive. So, if you’re not high on budget and are looking for cheaper alternatives, then here they are…

Method 1: Using Oil

For this you will need almond oil. Coconut or olive oil would also do.

Take a Q-tip and dip it in the oil. Now trace the eye liner with the oily tip whilst rotating the Q-tip. Make sure to keep your eyes closed. Eye liner would easily adhere to the cotton. Repeat the process if necessary to remove any traces of eye liner that must have been leftover.

This is an extremely useful method for removing water proof eye liners as they may not come off easily when washed with water.

Oil being a natural product will not harm the eyes, unlike make-up removers that contain chemicals. Instead, oil would nourish and infuse moisture into the skin. So this is a safe way of removing eye liner.

Method 2: Using Moisturizing Milk

Take a little amount of moisturizing milk and rub it gently over your eye liner with your finger tips while keeping your eyes closed. You may use a moisturizer in case you don’t have moisturizing milk. Once the eye liner looks completely out of place, wipe it using a cotton ball.  The eye liner would easily slide away. Repeat the process if necessary.

This method is useful for people with dry skin as you’re getting rid of the eye liner along with moisturizing the skin that has been put through chemical trauma in the form of eye liner.

After these processes, wash with mild soap and water if necessary.

These methods can be used for other parts of your face as well.

Therefore, the above two methods are cheaper, safer and easier alternatives to marketed make-up removers. These methods can also be used when you’re in a tearing hurry and you realize you’ve run out of make-up removers. You will save both money and time!