Using the right foundation is the first key towards quintessential make-up. Foundations are meant to give skin a flawless look by hiding any blemishes, pimples, scars or pigmentation and evening out skin tone. It serves as a base so that other make-up that you apply (contour, blush, highlight, eye shadow, etc) would stand out on your face.

But given the variety of options available in the market nowadays, selecting the right foundation has become a daunting task. Here is a guide to choosing the right foundation.

Determine Skin Shade / Tone:

A lot of people assume foundation is meant to make one look fairer and end up choosing shades that are lighter than the original skin tone which leads to a very fake and made-up look. Using foundations lighter than one’s skin tone would lead to formation of a white cast on skin.

Whenever you choose a foundation, make sure it is as close as possible to your skin tone. For this, do a patch test before buying the product. A lot of cosmetic retailers offer testers for the same.

How to do a patch test?

Clean the skin with a cleanser and apply a little amount of foundation on the cleansed area. Blend it out evenly till it gets completely absorbed. If the color of the skin remains the same as other sections of the skin, this is the one for you!

Also make sure you test it on the area where you would like to use the foundation. Don’t make the blunder of testing foundations needed for face on your hands because color of hands and face might differ sometimes. This is a common mistake a lot of us do.

Make sure to check it under two or more lights so that you can judge if it perfectly suits you or not. The lights in showrooms can be deceiving. If possible, go the extra mile and check it in sunlight also by stepping outside the shop. The effort would be worth the money if you hit jackpot and find the perfect shade!


Look for coverage intensity of the foundation. If you have absolutely flawless skin, then select a foundation with light coverage. If you have skin full of blemishes, scars, uneven complexion, etc then look for foundations that provide high coverage.

Determine your skin type:

Assess your skin type before investing in a foundation. People with oily skin should select powder based or matte foundations. Matte foundations are devoid of oil and will not aggravate the oiliness. People with dry skin can invest in cream or oil based foundations.


Now, this is another point that is usually taken for granted. If you’re going to use the foundation in summer, make sure it is powder based or matte as you may end up sweating profusely. Powder based foundations will absorb sweat and prevent your skin from looking oily and will still manage to give the skin a matte finish.  If the foundation is to be worn in winter, you may indulge in oil based foundations as profuse sweating is not common in winter.

If you keep the above mentioned parameters in mind while choosing a foundation, then you’re very close to finding that perfect foundation! Go get your foundation, girls!