Winters and chapped lips are synonymous. Come winters and we go on a perfect lip balm hunting spree. We have chapped lips, and equally chapped pockets at the end of the day because lip balms can be expensive leaving us with lighter pockets. You may need many lip balms for a single season depending on sensitivity of your lips.

Some people prefer tinted lip balms while others prefer colorless ones. Some lip balms are glossy while some are not. Some people like perfumed lip balms, while others don’t. So it is very difficult to zero in on the perfect lip balm with all the desirable qualities.

The solution to this would be to make our own lip balm at home, tailored according to our needs. Here’s a pocket friendly, DIY method to make lip balm.


Take sufficient quantity of pure, unrefined beeswax.

Either cut it into small pieces or grate it. Melt the small pieces or grated beeswax in a microwave. You may melt it using a double boiler process also.

To this melted beeswax, add few drops of coconut oil. Two parts of coconut oil in ten parts of beeswax is the measurement.

Note: If you want an extremely glossy lip balm, add more coconut oil. But if you’re looking for a non glossy lip balm, few drops of coconut oil would suffice depending upon the amount of beeswax taken.

Apart from the glossy effect, coconut oil helps to moisturize lips and eradicates pigmentation. Beeswax helps to soften and soothe lips.

Mix both the ingredients thoroughly while it is still in liquid state.

If you want to make a colored lip balm, add few shavings of a lipstick of desired color to this mixture. This step is however optional. You may skip it if you want a non tinted lip balm.

If you do not want to use synthetic colors, you may add natural colors like beetroot juice which will impart natural color to the lip balm.

Then, cut open two Vitamin E capsules and add its contents to the mixture. Vitamin E helps to moisturize your lips and doubles up as a preservative for your lip balm as well. It also helps to treat pigmented lips.

Finally, you may add essential oils for fragrance. This step is optional. You may skip it if you’re looking for an odorless lip balm.

Mix all the ingredients well and make sure the resultant mixture is homogenous.

Transfer the mixture into a clean and dry container and let it cool till it solidifies.

Voila! Your DIY lip balm is ready to be used!

Advantages Of DIY Lip Balm Over Marketed Lip Balms:

  • A lot of commercial lip balms contain salicylic acid. Salicylic acid peels away the skin on the lips further drying them. This DIY lip balm is devoid of any traces of salicylic acid.
  • This DIY lip balm is inexpensive when compared to branded marketed lip balms.
  • The best part about his lip balm is that it is modifiable. You may alter parameters such as glossiness, color and fragrance according to your preference.
  • It is easy to make and use.
  • It can be stored just like branded lip balms.
  • It contains mostly natural ingredients and therefore, is comparatively safer than marketed lip balms.

So this winter, save yourselves from the awfully expensive, dangerous, monotonous and synthetic marketed lip balms and do give this affordable, modifiable and natural DIY lip balm a try!

Happy winters!