‘Highlighter’, as the name suggests is essentially used to highlight the face. It is meant to make the face look luminous, accentuate facial features, add sheen and glow to skin. It can be used to alter certain features of the face as well. For example, when it’s applied on the bridge of nose, it makes the nose appear slimmer. When applied in the inner corners of eyes, it gives the illusion of wider and bigger eyes. However, it can be used on other parts of the body as well.

Varied types of highlighters are available in the market depending on the formulation and shades. This article throws light on three novel ways to use a highlighter apart from the usual monotonous way of using it. Read on to know how.

Dewy Foundation:

If you’re bored of the same old routine foundations and are looking for a foundation that leaves a dewy finish on your skin, then all you need to do is to take required amount of foundation and mix some highlighter in it. Make sure to mix it uniformly.

Apply the foundation just as you would normally apply a foundation. You will notice your skin looks visibly brighter and dewy. This method is especially useful when you have foundations that make your skin look dull and lifeless. Plus, you wouldn’t have to invest separately in dewy foundations.

Metallic Eye Shadow:

Metallic eye shadows are all rage these days. So if you already have tons of eye shadow palettes and you do not want to invest in expensive metallic eye shadows, then this one’s for you.

For this, you need to scrape out the required amount of highlighter and the desired eye shadow in a saucer. Mix both of them uniformly. Voila! Your metallic eye shadow is ready.

You may now apply it using a regular eye shadow brush. You will notice a metallic sheen the eye shadow exudes. You don’t have to shell out bucks to buy metallic eye shadows.

Illuminating Powder:

Illuminating powders are basically setting powders or loose powders that impart an illuminating effect to the skin. At times, illuminating powders can burn a hole in your pocket because they can be expensive depending on the brand. So, if you already have setting powder and do not want to invest separately in illuminating powder then this method is for you.

For this, take the required amount of setting powder in a saucer. Add required amount of powdered highlighter in it. Mix it well till the mixture looks homogenous. Now use it like you would normally use a setting powder.

You will instantly notice an illuminating effect the powder imparts to your skin. Your face would look radiant and bright.

So, these were three novel ways to use a highlighter. Do give these methods a try if you do not want to invest in expensive dewy foundations, metallic eye shadows and illuminating powders separately. Plus, they’re easy to make and use also. Cheers!