Cream or oil based foundations can make the face look oily, either due to oily nature of the skin or the foundation itself.

Loads of matte foundations of varied brands are available in the market but they’re usually on the expensive side. Therefore, there is every possibility of them leaving your pocket high and dry, especially in summer when the only foundations that will work are the matte ones.

A matte face looks clean and oil free. It is however, very difficult to maintain a matte finish, especially in summer when profuse sweating is unavoidable. Even people with dry skin have a hard time in summer.

Here is an inexpensive make-up hack using which you can achieve a matte look using compact powder only. Read on to know how.

Step 1: Select a compact powder whose shade is as close as possible to your skin tone.

Step 2: Compact powders usually come with an applicator sponge. Dab the sponge with a few drops of water. You may use rose water also for a refreshing smell.

In case you didn’t get a sponge with your compact powder you may use a blending sponge or a beauty blender. In case of beauty blenders, wet the beauty blender and squeeze out all the excess water just so that the beauty blender is damp enough.

Do not make the sponge or blender extremely wet, lest it might make the powder runny.

Step 3: Now dab the wet sponge on the compact powder and then, apply the compact powder that is adhering to the sponge, to your face in outward strokes.

Step 4: Allow the applied powder to dry completely.

Step 5: Brush out the excess powder using a buffing brush.  This will ensure your face doesn’t look too powdery or cakey.

Boom! Your face would look as matte as ever!

Note: The compact powder in the container would also become a little wet during application. Don’t freak out! Just leave it so that it air dries or you may dry it using a hair dryer.

Plus, all your blemishes, pimples, scars, etc would hide under the coat of powder. You may apply two or more coats depending on the coverage required. But don’t overdo it as it might lead to a very powdery or cakey appearance.

This make-up hack is very useful as you don’t have to invest in high-end matte foundations or powders which are usually very costly.

Plus, it is very easy to do and requires no expertise as such.

All you would need is compact powder, sponge and water, and you’re sorted.

The powder would absorb any oily secretions or sweat that might appear on the skin and help the skin retain matte look.

Plus, it is not a very time consuming procedure either.

On and all, this make-up hack emerges a winner. So you may now safely ditch matte foundations and try this super easy and cheap make-up hack.