Have you ever felt embarrassed to strike a conversation owing to stained teeth?

Have you ever stopped yourself from saying “cheese” in a group photograph just so that you wouldn’t have to flash your yellow tinged teeth that could be a source of disgust for others?

Have you ever wanted to get your teeth whitened at the dentist’s place but couldn’t because of financial problems?

Worry not! Here is an ancient, easy, natural and budget friendly home remedy to whiten your teeth in five days flat using ingredients available at home!

All you would need is an old unused toothbrush, table salt and lemon and you’re good to go!


Take two teaspoons of table salt in a saucer.

Add freshly squeezed out juice of half lemon to the salt.

Mix it thoroughly till a uniform coarse mixture is formed. Don’t let the mixture become very runny.

Take an old unused tooth brush and dip it in this mixture.

Now apply this mixture to your teeth and brush your teeth gently for five minutes. You may use your finger in case you don’t have a brush.

Now, let this mixture sit on your teeth for ten minutes.

Rinse your mouth well with plain water.

Repeat this for five days before bedtime to get sparkling white teeth naturally!

Note: This procedure should be done once a month for five continuous days.  Do not overdo it as it might cause wearing out of enamel (outer covering of teeth) if done repeatedly and excessively.


This remedy is very economical as it makes use of ingredients available at home.

The formula is very simple to make and use.

It is 100% natural and does not involve use of synthetic ingredients. Therefore, it is absolutely safe.

There are no side effects as such.


Yet to figure out!

Given the fact that there are no cons of using this remedy as such, this DIY teeth whitening home remedy emerges a winner!

Do give this a try before investing in expensive teeth whitening procedures or toothpastes.

Happy teeth whitening!


But if you’re in a hurry and want to whiten teeth instantly, then check out the link below:

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