Metallic lipsticks are all rage these days. These lipsticks are extremely lustrous, bold and shiny. As the name suggests, they give a ‘metal like’ finish.

But these metallic lipsticks are very expensive. So, if you’re craving for these lipsticks but cannot afford to buy one, here’s a way out.

This article throws light on two simple make-up hacks using which you can turn any non-metallic lipstick into a metallic one.

Read on to find out how.

Method 1:

Apply the lipstick of desired shade on your lips.

Then, with the help of an applicator or brush, carefully place any highlighter of your choice on your lips. Apply a little pressure with the applicator or brush while applying.

Press your lips with each other after applying highlighter so that highlighter sticks firmly onto your lips.

Note: Make sure the lipstick is not very dry or else it would not allow the highlighter to adhere to it.

Do not go overboard as it might cause fall outs.

In case of fall outs, make sure to wipe it away with a wet wipe or tissue.

Make sure to lean forwards or incline forwards, during application just so that the highlighter does not fall out and land on your chin.

Bingo! Your DIY metallic lipstick is ready. Your lips would be beaming with a metallic luster.

Method 2:

For this method, liquid lipstick would be ideal to be used. In case you don’t have a liquid lipstick, you may use normal lipsticks as well.

Take the required amount of liquid lipstick of the desired shade. In case of non-liquid lipsticks, scrape a little bit of the lipstick of desired shade on the back of your hand.

Throw in some highlighter on it.

Mix the lipstick and highlighter well with a lipstick brush or applicator.

Apply it on your lips using a lipstick brush or applicator.

Tadaa! Your lips would look as metallic as ever!

The best part about this DIY metallic lipstick is that you can control the metallic nature or the metallic sheen of any lipstick by altering the amount of highlighter used. If you want an intense metallic lipstick, use more highlighter, and vice-versa.

Plus, you may get metallic lipsticks of any desired shade using this hack.

Both of these methods are very easy and simple. You don’t have to splurge on awfully expensive metallic lipsticks.

You can two-time with a lipstick. You may use a certain lipstick just by itself or as a metallic lipstick by adding highlighter, whereas a metallic lipstick cannot show both variations.

So before investing in costly branded metallic lipsticks, make sure you give this hack a try and make your own DIY metallic lipstick.