Have you ever been tempted by beautiful gel eye liners in the market but couldn’t afford one due to budget constraints?

Are you bored of the usual black eye liners and want to experiment with colorful ones?

Do you have a hard time searching for gel eye liners of the desired shade or color?

Here’s a solution to all the woes. This article throws light on how you can make pocket friendly DIY gel eye liners all by yourself. Read on to find out how.


Take any unused eye shadow palette. Make sure the pigmentation of the eye shadows is really good.

Choose the desired color of which you would want to make gel eye liner.

Scrape out a generous amount of eye shadow with a spatula or spoon, in accordance with the amount of gel eye liner you would want to make.

Crush it into very fine particles and drop it into a saucer.

Now add a little amount of petroleum jelly to this powdered eye shadow.

Mix it thoroughly with a spatula to make a homogenous mixture.

Add more petroleum jelly if needed.

Just make sure a gel like consistency is attained.

Now, transfer this into a clean and dry container or pot.

Voila! Your DIY gel eye liner is ready to be used!

You may also add a little bit of highlighter if you would want a shimmery gel eye liner.

Note: Do not add petroleum jelly in excess or the gel eye liner would become extremely slimy and would smudge easily.

How to use?

Use a gel eye liner applicator for application.

Dip the applicator into the container and trace it over your eyes just like you would use a normal gel eye liner.

Storage: This DIY gel eye liner may liquefy a bit in summer season due to soaring temperatures. So you may have to store it in refrigerator during summer.

How to remove?

You may get rid of it using any make-up remover. But if you’re looking for cheaper alternatives, check out this link:

How To Remove Eye Liner?


You can make gel eye liners of practically any color available in the eye shadow palette using the method mentioned above. Marketed gel eye liners do not come in tons of variants, and even if they do, they’re either very rare or costlier than the basic black gel eye liners. But with this DIY gel eye liner, you can make gel eye liners of the most unconventional colors as well.

You may also alter the intensity of colors as per your needs by altering the amount of eye shadow that goes into the mixture. Even shimmer eye shadows can be made into DIY gel eye liners, which is great.

They come in handy when you’re in haste and you realize you’ve run out of gel eye liner or your gel eye liner has solidified. All you need is petroleum jelly and an eye shadow and you’re sorted!

This DIY gel eye liner is a cheaper alternative to the costly gel eye liners available in the market.


This DIY gel eye liner may solidify in winter season as it has petroleum jelly as its major constituent.

However, if you warm it lightly, it will melt immediately and you’d be good to go!

What if it smudges?

This DIY gel eye liner will not smudge as such. But even if it does, which is very rare, here’s a way out.

Dab the gel eye liner with the eye shadow of the same color. For example, if you’ve applied a blue gel eye liner, dab the gel eye liner with blue eye shadow to prevent smudging.

There is a probability of smudging only if petroleum jelly is added in excess to the formulation. So, be mindful about that during preparation.

Despite all the hassles involved, this DIY gel eye liner is a winner with regards to the color variations one can achieve and it is easy on the pocket also.

So do give this DIY gel eye liner a try and save up on those bucks!