CC creams are trending on the fashion scene nowadays. CC stands for color correction or color corrective. As the name suggests, they help to correct color by concealing pigmentation, uneven skin tone, redness, etc.

Formulation wise, CC cream is a combination of primer, foundation, serum, moisturizer, illuminator and sun screen lotion. So instead of using all of these products individually or one over the other, you may use a CC cream and that would suffice.

With regards to coverage, CC creams are usually lighter than foundations. However, coverage is buildable. They’re available in different shades to suit different complexions.  So if you don’t want heavy duty foundations and are looking for a cream with light to medium coverage for day to day use, then this is the product for you!

Now the major con of CC creams is that they are slightly expensive and some brands don’t have a wide range of shades to choose from. So finding the right shade to suit your complexion could become a daunting task. To solve this issue, we can make a CC cream that would cater to our needs.

Here’s a method to make DIY CC cream at home.


  • Take a clean and dry bowl.
  • Add one teaspoonful of moisturizer of your choice. You may use any moisturizer that suits you well.
  • Add one teaspoonful of liquid foundation. You may use any foundation as per your choice. Make sure the shade of the foundation is as close as possible to your skin tone.
  • Add one teaspoonful of sunscreen lotion.
  • Add half teaspoonful of primer. This step is optional.
  • If you want a shiny and illuminating effect in the cream, add one fourth teaspoonful of highlighter to the mixture. This way the cream would serve as an illuminator or an illuminating base also.
  • You may add a little bit of loose compact powder, if you want a matte effect. This is also an optional step.
  • Mix all the ingredients thoroughly with a spatula to make a uniform mixture with homogenous consistency.
  • Transfer the resultant mixture into a plastic container.

Bingo! Our DIY home made CC cream is ready to be used.

Note: If the cream turns out lighter than your complexion, add some foundation to get the desired color and if the cream is darker than your complexion, add some moisturizer to get the appropriate shade.

How to use?

DIY CC cream is to be applied the same way foundations are applied.

Make dots with the DIY CC cream all over your face. Spread it in outward strokes using your fingers, a beauty blender or a make-up brush.

Follow it up with loose powder or compact powder to set it in case you sweat profusely. This is however, optional.

In areas where extra coverage is needed, go for a second coat of application.


  • This DIY CC cream would save people from going through the rigorous make-up regimen involving the application of a moisturizer, foundation, primer and sun screen lotion. Hence, it is a time saver.
  • It moisturizes and nourishes the skin, in addition to providing coverage and sun protection.
  • The major advantage of this DIY CC cream is that we may alter the formulation to suit our needs, especially with regards to shade, which is not possible with commercially available products.
  • This DIY CC cream may double up as an illuminator if highlighter is added to the formulation, as stated above.
  • You don’t have to buy a commercial CC cream if you have all the ingredients needed to make a CC cream already in your vanity. Just follow the preparation procedure and save up on your money! So, this would be your go-to product in case you have budget constraints.
  • It is very easy to make and use. It would take not more than 10 minutes to make this magical cream.


Yet to figure out!

On and all, this DIY CC cream emerges a winner as the pros outweigh the cons. In fact, there are no disadvantages of using this DIY CC cream at all.

So, do give this DIY CC cream a try before investing in costly high end CC creams.