Removing eye make-up can be a tedious job. But it is important to get rid of eye make-up before retiring to bed as make-up may harm your eyes because of the hordes of chemicals present in it.

Eye make-up removers are also available in the market but they can be a little heavy on the pocket, especially if you have to use them every day. Some eye make-up removers can also irritate eyes owing to synthetic chemicals in it.

Here’s a budget friendly, DIY method of making eye make-up remover at home in just 5 minutes that will save your money and eyes!

Read on to know how.


Take a clean and empty bowl.

Add 1 cup of filtered, boiled and cooled water to it.

Add 1 teaspoon of baby oil to the bowl. You may use any baby oil of your preferred brand.

Add half teaspoon of baby shampoo to the bowl. Again, the choice of the brand is up to you.

The reason baby oil and baby shampoo are being used is because they are tear free, gentle and relatively safer on skin as compared to other conventional shampoos.

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly with a spatula till a homogenous mixture is obtained.

Transfer this mixture into a container.

Voila! Our DIY eye make-up remover is ready to be used.

How to use?

Whenever you want to remove eye make-up, dip a Q-tip into this DIY eye make-up remover and rub the soaked end of the tip onto the eye make-up gently. You may use a cotton ball also.

All the eye make-up will adhere to the Q-tip and will be removed effortlessly.

Do not be very harsh while rubbing as the area around the eyes is very delicate.

Repeat till you get rid of all traces of make-up and you’re left with squeaky clean eyes!

Shake the container well before each use.

You may also use it to get rid of make-up from other parts of face also.


This DIY eye make-up remover is an extremely affordable alternative to the high end, awfully expensive eye make-up removers available in the market.

It is easy to make and use. It needs just 5 minutes to be made and is therefore, not very time consuming.

It is harmless and devoid of extremely harsh chemicals.

You can make it when you’ve run out of branded eye make-up removers. This DIY eye make-up remover will come in very handy at that time.


Yet to figure out!

On and all, this DIY eye make-up remover emerges a winner as the pros outweigh the cons. They’re practically no cons of using this DIY eye make-up remover at all.

Do give this DIY eye make-up remover a try before investing in expensive DIY eye make-up removers.