Are you bored of using conventional petroleum jelly as your lip balm? Would you want to add a twist to the boring, transparent petroleum jelly? Do you have loads of petroleum jelly stacked in your vanity and you seldom use it? Do you have an eye for fancy lip balms in the market and would like to own them?

Here’s a way to end all your woes. Make your own DIY lip balm using petroleum jelly tailored according to your requisites at home! Read on to find out how.


Step 1. Take sufficient quantity of petroleum jelly in a bowl.

Step 2. Melt it in microwave. You may melt it using a double boiler process also.

For those of you who don’t know what a double boiler process is, here’s some context. Take a wide mouthed container and pour water into it. Heat the water over a stove and leave it to simmer. Now place a small bowl with petroleum jelly in it, on the simmering water. Allow it to float on the boiling water. The petroleum jelly would melt easily. Now, just turn off the stove and remove the floating bowl with a pair of tongs.

Step 3. To this melted petroleum jelly, add few drops of coconut oil. 1 part of coconut oil in 5 parts of petroleum jelly is the measurement.

Coconut oil moisturizes lips, reduces pigmentation and adds sheen to the balm.

Note: Increase the quantity of coconut oil in the formulation if you’d want an extremely glossy lip balm and vice-versa.

Step 4. Mix both the ingredients vigorously while petroleum jelly is still in liquid state.

Step 5. If you would like a tinted lip balm, add a little amount of liquid lipstick to the mixture. You may add lipstick shavings in case you don’t have liquid lipstick. This step is optional. You may skip this step if you want a colorless lip balm.

You may use natural colorants like beetroot juice which give a natural tint, in case you want to keep the balm more natural.

Step 6.  Take 2 Vitamin E capsules. Cut them open and squeeze out its contents into the above mixture.

Vitamin E is an excellent moisturizer and it would act as a preservative for this lip balm.

Step 7. If you would want the lip balm to carry a scent, add a few drops of essential oil. This step is optional.

Step 8. Stir the above mixture well to ensure a homogenous mixture with uniform consistency is obtained.

Step 9. Transfer this mixture into a clean and dry container and let it cool till it solidifies.

Voila! Your DIY lip balm is ready.


A chemical called salicylic acid is present in a lot of branded lip balms. Salicylic acid is a peeling agent which causes lips to dry out further. The modus operandi is to make customers buy more lip balms. However, this DIY lip balm is devoid of any such chemicals.

This DIY lip balm can be tailored according to our needs by tweaking the formulation.

For example, if you’d want a tinted lip balm, you may add lipstick or natural colorants in the formulation and vice-versa.

The color of the lip balm is also our choice. You don’t have to stick tom conventional colors that lip balms usually come in.

Same applies to whether you desire a glossy lip balm or not. The glossy effect can be reduced or increased by altering the amount of coconut oil that goes into the formulation.

You may also play with the fragrance in the same way.

It is comparatively safer than branded lip balms owing to the absence of parabens, sulphates and other hazardous chemicals.

It is easy to make and use.

It is comparatively affordable than most of the commercial lip balms. By making this DIY lip balm, your pockets would not be left high and dry this winter.



So this winter, you don’t have to go on a lip balm hunting spree.

Make your own colorful/non-colorful, scented/non-scented, glossy/non-glossy DIY lip balms at home!

You can give them away as gifts to family and friends and save them from the awfully expensive commercial lip balms.

Happy winters!