Wet wipes are an absolute necessity these days for maintaining hygiene and cleaning purposes. They are usually used for wiping babies’ bottoms.

Make-up wipes are a type of wet wipes that are specifically meant for cleansing and getting rid of make-up. However, they can also be used to cleanse oil, dirt and sweat.

Various brands have come up with their make-up wipes with varying prices. They can get a little pricey especially for people who wear make-up on a daily basis.

So, to address the above problem, we can make our own DIY make-up wipes at home in just 10 minutes. Read on to find out how.


Take 1 cup of clean and filtered water.

Add 1 teaspoon of almond oil to it. You may use coconut oil or olive oil in case you don’t have almond oil.

Add 5 drops of baby shampoo to the bowl. You may use baby shampoo of any brand of your liking. The idea behind using baby shampoo is to make sure our make-up wipes are tear-free and gentle.

Stir all the ingredients well with a spatula.

Microwave the bowl for about 5 seconds.

Pour this mixture into the container which you’d like to use for holding and storing the wipes.

Now place a paper towel roll in the container.

Make sure the container is big enough to hold the paper towel roll. It is preferable to choose the container with the same shape and dimensions as the paper towel roll.

In case the complete paper towel roll does not fit into the container, pull out a few sheets of the paper towel and roll them over a pencil. Then pull out the pencil and transfer the roll into the container. You may also cut the paper towel as per your requirements.

Close the lid and shake the container vigorously.

Let it remain like that for 10 minutes so that the paper towel absorbs the fluid completely and no part of it remains dry.

Make a slit in the lid of the container using a sharp blade.

Pull out the free end of the paper towel through the lid.

Finally, close the lid.

Bingo! Our DIY make-up wipes are ready to be used.

Usage Instructions

Each time you want to use the make-up wipes, shake the container thoroughly and pull out the wipes.

Wipe them over the desired area to get rid of make-up, sweat, dirt, etc.

Discard it after single use.

Follow Up

Wash your face with a mild face wash or soap and pat dry.

Follow it up with a moisturizer, if need be.


These DIY make-up wipes are a more affordable alternative to the expensive make-up wipes available in the market.

They’re extremely easy to make and use.

They don’t contain any toxic chemicals and are safe to use. Instead, they contain almond oil, which nourishes the skin.

They come in handy when you’re running short of branded make-up wipes.

The size of these DIY make-up wipes can be altered depending on our requisites.

They’re portable to carry.

They will not dry quickly unlike most of the commercial make-up wipes that contain alcohol. Alcohol, being volatile evaporates rather quickly.


They’re no cons at all!

Given that they’re no cons of these DIY make-up wipes, it can be concluded that they’re safe to use.

Do try making and using these DIY make-up wipes before splurging on expensive commercial make-up wipes. You’ll save a lot of money!

Happy wiping!