A lot of times we end with foundations that don’t match our skin tone and are too dark or too light for us. The major reason being we’re either too lazy to test the foundation before buying it or we test the foundation on the wrong part of our body.

Many a times, people test foundation on their hands which is a wrong practice as the skin tone of hands and face might differ sometimes owing to tanning or other reasons.

But what do we do with a dark foundation? How do we fix a dark foundation?

Here are some hacks using which you may lighten your foundation.

Hack # 1: Using Moisturizer

Choose a moisturizer of any brand that suits your skin type well.

Take the required amount of foundation and add a little bit of moisturizer to it.

Note: Add moisturizer little by little. Do not add high quantities of moisturizer in one go, or you might end up lightening your foundation excessively. You’ll end up with a way lighter foundation, which could just add to your woes.

Mix both of them well so as to get a mixture with uniform color.

Assess the shade of the foundation. If it is still too dark, add some more moisturizer.

Keep adding moisturizer and testing it on your skin till you get the desired shade.

Once you achieve the desired shade, you’re done!

Apply it just as you would apply a regular foundation.

Hack # 2: Adding Concealer

You may lighten a dark foundation by mixing a concealer.

Usually concealers lighter than our skin tones our selected for concealing.

So, concealers could be of great use to lighten foundations.

You have to follow the same procedure that you’d follow to lighten foundations using moisturizers in Hack #1. Just replace the moisturizer with a concealer.

Hack # 3: Mixing Lighter Foundation

Ever heard of the proverb “diamonds cut diamonds”?

You can actually put that proverb to practical use in this case. Yes! You read that right.

Another way to lighten a dark foundation is to mix another foundation into it!

Select a foundation that is lighter than the dark foundation in question.

Add the light foundation little by little to the dark foundation till the foundation of the desired shade is obtained.

The lighter foundation would turn the dark foundation pale by diluting the dark color of the darker foundation.

Hack # 4: Using Powder

You may use compact powder or translucent powder to lighten a dark foundation.

Follow all the steps mentioned in Hack # 1 and you’d be good to go.

But in this case, make sure to mix the powder thoroughly so as to avoid any lumps in the foundation. Any lumps in the foundation would result in uneven and patchy application.

Hack # 5: Use It Differently

You may use the dark foundation for contouring or bronzing.

This way you will save the foundation from being wasted and you wouldn’t have to invest in a bronzer or a contour either.

This way you’d kill two birds with one stone! Haha!

Hack # 6: Use It In Summer

Come summer and we all acquire beautiful tanned skin owing to the harsh sun.

Tanning is unavoidable in summer unless you decide to hibernate in your houses all through summer.

So what we may do is, we can put the darker foundation to use as our skin may turn darker than our usual complexion.

This way you would prevent the foundation from being wasted.

So, these were some hacks using which you may lighten your foundations and save them from rotting in your vanity!

So the next time you end up buying a foundation that’s too dark for your skin, you know what to do.