Metallic nail polishes are the ‘in’ thing on the make-up and fashion circuit this season. Every girl craves to have them in her vanity due to the lustrous effect they impart.

Basically, they’re nail polishes with a metallic sheen or luster in them.

But, is investing in them a good idea given that you already have hordes of regular, non-metallic nail polishes lying in your vanity? Should you buy metallic nail polishes and discard the regular ones? The answer is no in both the cases!

Here are two hacks using which you may conveniently convert all your regular nail polishes into metallic ones. Do you want to know how? Keep reading.

There are two methods using which you can make your DIY metallic nail polishes.

Method 1

You need to have a bottle of nail polish for this.

Choose any nail polish of your choice from any brand.

Then, to this bottle of nail polish, add a little bit of highlighter. In case you don’t have a highlighter, you may use a glittery eye shadow (or a metallic eye shadow) or a shimmery blush instead.

The choice of the highlighter depends on you.

For example, if you’d want a silvery nail polish, add silver highlighter. If you’d like a bronze sheen to your nail paint, use bronze highlighter. For golden nail polish, use golden highlighter and so on.

So, after selecting the highlighter, add it to the nail polish bottle and close the bottle.

Shake the bottle vigorously till the nail polish and highlighter infuse uniformly with each other.

You may also stir it with the nail polish brush.

Bingo! Your DIY metallic nail polish is ready!

Note: In case you wouldn’t want to convert the entire nail polish into metallic nail paint, take the regular nail paint in a separate container and mix the highlighter accordingly. This way you can retain the original non-metallic nail paint with you and still make a metallic nail polish out of it. So, you’re killing two birds with a single stone!

Method 2

Apply the nail polish on your nails.

When the nail paint is wet, dust a bit of highlighter or glittery eye shadow (metallic eye shadow) or glittery blush onto the wet surface of the nail paint.

Now let the nail paint dry.

Wipe away the corners of the nail to remove any residues of the highlighter used.

Voila! Our metallic nails are ready to be flashed.

In this method, you can create various designs and patterns while dusting the highlighter over the nails.

Note: If you’d want a very intense metallic color, then just use the base coat instead of the actual nail paint. Dust the highlighter directly onto the base coat. This will give a proper deep metallic shine to the nails.


The best part about these two methods is that one can retain the original nail paint also.

Using the above two methods, we can create innumerable color combinations with different colored nail paints, highlighters, eye shadows and blushes. A lot of brands offer only limited variations when it comes to shades. However, this DIY trick overcomes that problem.

This DIY technique is a relatively cheaper alternative to expensive metallic nail polishes.

The above mentioned hacks are very simple and easy to do. They do not require a lot of expertise either.



Therefore, if you’re eyeing commercial metallic nail polishes in the market and you also have regular nail polishes, highlighters, shimmery eye shadows or blushes lying in your vanity, you know what to do!