Matte nail paints are the flavor of the season. Beauty bloggers and make-up addicts are going gaga over them.

Matte nails look extremely elegant and can be worn to office, college or school as well because they do not exude a very shiny or glossy look and are rather subdued. Shiny nail polishes can sometimes look very gaudy. Matte nail polishes are however, appropriate for all occasions.

The only disadvantage of matte nail polishes is that they are not economical. Also, the hordes of regular, glossy nail polishes lying in your vanity might be stopping you from investing in new matte nail polishes. But, worry not! There’s a hack using which you can convert practically any nail polish into a matte nail polish.

Read on to know how.


Apply a base coat before starting off with actual nail polish application.

This step is optional.

Apply nail polish of any color of your choice.

Let the nail polish dry.

Apply a second coat of nail polish.

While the nail polish is still wet, dab a little bit of corn starch evenly onto your nails.

Let the nail polish dry completely and let corn starch set onto your nails.

After it has dried completely, dip nails in water.

The corn starch will melt away.

Let the nails air dry.  Don’t wipe away the water with a cloth or anything. This will distort the nail polish.

Bingo! You’ll have your DIY matte nails ready!


This DIY matte nail polish technique is a more economical alternative to buying branded matte nail paints. Commercial matte nail polishes are expensive and might leave your pockets lighter. So, when you’re low on budget, use this hack to get matte nails. Plus, it does not require any additional investment. You can re-use any glossy nail polish that you have and corn starch from your kitchen and you’re sorted!

This is a very simple and easy way to convert any nail polish to matte nail polish.

You may use single nail paint in two ways, either matte or glossy.

You may convert practically any glossy nail paint of any color into matte nail paint. As for commercial matte nail polishes, they are limited variations available with regards to shades. So, this DIY hack gives you a plethora of shades to choose from.


There are no cons as such!

So, the next time branded matte polishes have you craving, you know what to do!

Ditch the commercial nail paints and give these DIY matte nail polishes a try.

Happy nail painting!