Rose oil has umpteen numbers of uses. It is used for its beauty benefits on hair and skin, aromatherapy, health benefits, psychological effects and a zillion more uses!

The only disadvantage of rose oil is that it is slightly expensive. So, if you cannot afford it, don’t be disheartened. Here’s a cheap, simple and DIY method of making rose oil at home with just 2 ingredients.

Read on to find out how.


Take a cup full of rose petals. Make sure you select original roses and not hybrid ones.

Soak them in water for about 2 seconds so as to remove any dirt or debris.

Bring them out of water and place them on a cloth so that the cloth absorbs all the water.

Let the petals air dry.

After they’re completely dried, put the rose petals in a clean bowl.

Add a generous amount of almond oil to it. The oil should be just enough so as to have all the petals submerged. You may use coconut oil in case you don’t have almond oil.

Make sure the rose petals are completely soaked in the oil.

Then, we shall heat this bowl using a double boiler process.

Take a wide mouthed sauce pan and pour sufficient quantity of water into it.

Heat the sauce pan so as to bring the water to boil.

Then, leave it to simmer.

Now, place the bowl with water and petals on the water.

Allow it to float on the surface of water, so as to heat the bowl.

After about 2 minutes or so, turn off the stove.

Leave the bowl on the water for about an hour or so, till the water cools down completely.

Now, remove the floating bowl from the sauce pan.

Strain the contents of the bowl with a strainer or a soft cloth so as to remove rose petals and separate out the oil.

While straining, make sure to press down on the rose petals so as to squeeze out the oil retained or absorbed by the rose petals

Collect this oil in a separate bowl.

Voila! Our DIY rose oil is ready!

Transfer this oil into a squeeze out bottle or any bottle as per your convenience.


You may skip the step where rose petals are separated from the oil. You may retain the rose petals for a stronger fragrance and smell. However, it is your choice.

You may increase or decrease the amount of rose petals depending upon how concentrated you would want the rose oil to be.

Benefits Of Rose Oil

Skin Benefits

  • Rose oil helps to reduce acne.
  • It helps slow down ageing.
  • It is an excellent moisturizer.
  • It has astringent properties and can be used as a toner.
  • It helps lighten complexion.
  • It helps reduce inflammation on skin.
  • It reduces pigmentation and gives flawless skin.
  • It imparts a soothing effect to the skin.

Health Benefits

  • Rose oil is an excellent antiseptic.
  • It boosts immune system of the body and has anti-viral properties.
  • It is sometimes used as a laxative and helps flush out toxins by detoxifying body.
  • It improves sexual appetite.
  • It is used as an anti-spasmodic agent.

Hair Benefits

  • Rose oil imparts moisturize to hair and scalp thereby reducing dandruff.
  • It promotes hair growth by making hair strong.
  • It helps reduce hair fall.
  • It imparts luster to hair.

Psychological Benefits

  • Rose oil helps reduce anxiety and stress.
  • It is a mood enhancer and is used to treat depression.
  • It treats post menopausal symptoms like mood swings.
  • It is used in aromatherapy to uplift mood.


  • Apart from this, rose oil is used in making perfumes, soaps and other toiletries.
  • Rose oil is used to make wet wipes, make-up removers, make-up removing pads, etc.

This DIY rose oil is devoid of chemicals unlike branded rose oils which might contain preservatives and artificial fragrance.

Given the fact that rose oil has hordes of uses, one should definitely invest in rose oils.

So, the next time you would want to invest in rose oils, but the price tag of marketed rose oils is stopping you from doing so, try this 100% natural, safe, organic and affordable DIY rose oil!

Happy rose oiling!